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Woodstock components integration in NB 6.0


NetBeans 6.0 IDE supports visual editing for web applications based on Java Server Faces. User can drag-and-drop particular JSF 1.2 extended (Woodstock) components from pallet in the page. Since we want to get a user's feedback for components that are under development it's important to upgrade Woodstock components in IDE regularly during NB 6.0 development cycle. Woodstock milestones build will be integrated in NetBeans 6.0 according to Woodstock schedule. The quality of these components must be assured by both NB and Woodstock QE teams. This requires to run pre-integration tests for components design and runtime time.

Aligned schedule

Woodstock build Release date Integration testing NetBeans 6.0 milestone Release date
build 9 July/27 July/27-July/30 NB 6.0 Beta1 Aug/13
build 10 Aug/10 Aug/10-Aug/13
build 11 Aug/24 Aug/24-Aug/27 NB 6.0 Beta2 Sept/10
build 12 Sept/7 Sept/7-Sept/10 NB 6.0 FCS Oct/15


  • RE to declare RC candidate and Notify NB QE and Woodstock QE of readiness/location
  • NB QE runs sanity suite that covers design time of integrated components. All tests should pass or must be evaluated.
  • Woodstock QE runs runtime time sanity test suite. All tests should pass or must be evaluated.
  • Both QE give Go/No Go based on results.
  • If GO given, build is promoted to Woodstock page and integrated into visualweb
  • If NO GO given, QE to work with DEV/RE on resolution and new build.


  • RE to declare RC candidate and Notify NB QE and Woodstock QE of readiness/location
  • Lark Fitzgerald (NB QE): prepare test suite for design time and run these tests on lab machine
  • Cathy Mucci (Woodstock QE): runs tests for runtime time
  • Both to give GO to RE prior to declaration of woodstock build. Only official woodstock build will be integrated into visualweb.
  • Dev to fix any stopper issues preventing a GO.

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