What's Cool in NetBeans 6.0

Java Editing

  • Largely improved code editing, inspection and navigation capabilities, see Java Editor User's Guide the features contain:
  • Semantic Coloring
  • Smart Code Completion
  • Code Generation dialog
  • Fast Error Marking
  • Occurences Highlighting
  • Hints, Warnings and Suggestions
  • Instant Rename
  • Rich Surround With
  • Live Templates
  • Task List/Problem Window
  • Javadoc and Declaration View
  • Inheritance and Structure Outline
  • Many other improvements and small features


  • Semantics-Aware Syntax Highlighting
  • Code Completion
  • Navigation Display
  • Code Folding
  • Background Error parsing
  • Mark Occurrences
  • Go To Declaration (Hyperlinking)
  • Code Templates
  • Smart Indentation and Formatting
  • Editor for RHTML and YAML languages
  • Debugging of Ruby and Rails applications, see Ruby Debugging Guide
  • Classic and Fast debugger
  • Brekpoints, Call Stacks, Local Variables, Watches
  • Thread Switching
  • Ruby refactoring support
  • Ruby Gem Manager

GUI Builder

  • Easy visual Java Desktop application development using Swing App. Framework and Beans Binding
  • Easy data-aware Swing apps with Beans Binding and Java Persistence
  • Visual Menu Designer

Java Development

  • Java Web Start support for J2SE projects
  • JUnit4 support
  • Including extra sources or excluding sources from J2SE projects

Web and Java EE

  • Support for JavaScript editing
  • Syntax Highlighting and Code completion
  • Error checking
  • Navigation Display
  • Support for JavaScript in HTML, RHTML and JSP files
  • Largely improved CSS editing
  • Support for new versions of application servers
  • Sun Java System Application Server 9.1
  • JBoss 5
  • Tomcat 6
  • WebLogic 10
  • Enhanced and more capable import of web applications

Visual Web

  • Unification of Visual web project and NetBeans web project
  • D & D consumption of web services in visual web apps
  • D & D consumption of EJB 2.1 in visual web apps
  • Common Page flow editor for NetBeans Web projects and Visual Web framework
  • Visual query editor new accessible from Database explorer and migrated to the new graph library.
  • Ajax enabled components from Project Woodstock Library
  • Table component design time enhancements for generic type properties (including JPA classes)
  • Ability to add help sets, create i18n-ed palette categories to component libraries for Visual Web.
  • Common CSS editor for NetBeans Web projects and Visual Web framework
  • VWP application outline now part of Navigator

Web Services

  • Restful web services
  • to wrap entity beans and expose CRUD functionality
  • from scratch applying patterns
  • Provide test client
  • Ability to invoke partner services from the REST service
  • New Visual Editor for JAXWS services
  • Iterative developement of services built from-wsdl
  • Add operations to handle selection of schema types along with java types
  • Turn on support for WSIT functionality from the editor
  • Ability to view sample SOAP messages on the service, view documentation etc
  • JAXB wizard to support marshalling/unmarshalling of xml<->java in web, ejb and java projects
  • Web Services Interoperability Technology(WSIT) to support WS-Policy and related standards
  • Securing Java EE web Services using Access Manager


  • Profiler now an integral part of NetBeans IDE
  • Full Java EE profiling capabilities
  • Heap Walker, helps find memory leaks
  • Areas of interests, visualization and drill-down capabilities for time spent in pre-defined categories such as UI, I/O, Net, EJB, Web, etc.
  • Profiling points - http://www.netbeans.org/download/flash/netbeans_60/ppoints/ppoints.html
  • Support for Dynamic attach and other Java SE 6 new features


  • Expression-level stepping, fine-grained stepping through expressions with the ability to inspect partial results
  • Heap Walker (based on the Profiler UI and support for new Java SE 6 JDI features)
  • Reusable Editor Tab, navigating through sources using a single editor tab while debugging


  • Subversion now an integral part of NetBeans IDE
  • New Visual, Editable Diff
  • Local History


  • New Game builder
  • New Visual Mobile Designer
  • Design Analysis feature
  • New built-in components:
  • File browser
  • SMS Composer
  • Login screen
  • PIM browser
  • Re-written JSR-172 Stub compiler
  • Improved project configuration management
  • Improved build of multiple project configurations
  • CDC supports all the project features that CLDC supports:
  • Preprocessor support for device fragemntation
  • Configuration Support
  • Deployment options
  • Project support built on Apache Ant
  • Integrated Obfuscation and optimization support


  • A new set of graphical tools to work with XML Shemas. These tools are now an integral part of standard Netbeans, earlier they used to be a part of Enterprise Pack. See xml.netbeans.org.
  • Improved refactoring of XML Schema components.
  • Improved code completion support on XML documents based on Schemas.


  • Improved navigation from source view to other views.
  • Improved performance in tree view.


  • Template based code generation
  • Improved collections management during Forward and Reverse Engineering
  • New alignment tools in the Diagram editor
  • New distribute tools in the Diagram editor
  • New window layout for Documentation and Design Center windows
  • Save As action available on diagram node


  • Composite Application Service Assembly Editor
  • Graphical WSDL Editor
  • Graphical XSLT Editor
  • Binding Components (HTTP, JMS, File)
  • Improved BPEL Designer and BPEL Editor
  • Enhanced XML Tools

Base IDE

  • Search And Replace in Files
  • GTK look&feel for UNIX platforms with Gnome (when running on JDK 6u1 or newer)
  • Floating Windows concept in UI of the IDE
  • New Plugin Manager as a replacement for Autoupdate wizard and Module manager
  • Project Groups


  • Three installers: Basic, Standard and Full
  • Unified installation UI across all NB components
  • Ability to select components to be installed
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