Web Developer Workflow

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Web Developer Workflow

This document describes possible features in NetBeans, which can improve the workflow of the web developer.

What is exactly the web developer workflow? Basically there can be all the activities, which a developer needs to go through to create a web application. This is very wide area. It covers also all end to end scenario. From an IDE point of view it's mainly editing, debugging, testing and deploying a web application and also VCS support.

On NetBeans PHP blog there were published entries(http://blogs.sun.com/netbeansphp/entry/planing_features_for_netbeans_next , http://blogs.sun.com/netbeansphp/entry/planning_features_for_netbeans_next and http://blogs.sun.com/netbeansphp/entry/planning_features_for_netbeans_next1), where we asked our users, what can help them in this area. There are many comments.

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