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JavaScript and JSON task for NB 6.9.Next

Priority Task Description
P2 The most important task is to split JSON support from JavaScript editor. Currently the JSON language support extends JavaScript language. This approach stopped to work in NetBeans 6.7, when new CSL infrastructure was used. The main problem is that JSON data object has different mimetype than the language support and the CSL works only if these mimetypes are the same. Basicaly all main editor features stopped to work in JSON editor.
P2 Introduce back all basic editor features to JSON editor.
P3 Evaluate new versions of Rhino (version 1.7R2 is now available) and use it instead the old one (version 1.6R7)
P3 Extend AST and improve code completion, that will offer more accurate items. Mainly improve type referencing and distinquish between variable and function.
P3 Improve and finish support of jQuery in the editor. Also provide more stable implementation for other libraries.
P3 Fix problems and bugs in JavaScript editor and refactoring
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