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NetBeans 7.1 Bug Waiver Process

  • Issuezilla Keywords for NetBeans 7.1
  • 7.1_WAIVER_REQUEST - when asking for waiver (issues)
  • 7.1_WAIVER_APPROVED - when waiver was approved by team (issues)


High-priority bugs are subject to the release quality criteria. All exceptions must be waived by this process.


An engineer responsible for the waived bug is supposed to request a waiver :

  1. Add appropriate justification for the waiver in the issue description
  2. Mark the issue with the 7.1_WAIVER_REQUEST keyword
  3. Send a request to the nbdevATnetbeans.org alias. The request must include the following info:
  • the bug id and a short description
  • the justification for the waiver
  • a statement about user impact (e.g. how often the bug is likely to occur, behaviour after the problem occurs, impact on other features, etc.)
  • a workaround description (if available)
  • an estimation when and how the bug will be fixed
  1. Wait 48 hours for any objections :
  • If there are questions/objections, answer/resolve them as appropriate
  • No objections (or all of them have been addressed), change the keyword to 7.1_WAIVER_APPROVED.
  1. Work with Docs on documenting the waived bug in the release notes (if appropriate)
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