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Separate cache directory Test Specification for "NetBeans 7.1"

Author: Vibhuti Pithwa
Version: 7.1
Last update: "01/01/0001"
Introduction: You may now use --cachedir to specify an alternate location for the var/cache/ portion of the user directory (--userdir). If your userdir is on a slow or network filesystem, it is a good idea to use a cachedir on a fast local disk.

Soon the Windows launcher will be modified to use standard Windows locations for both the userdir and cachedir, which should behave well with networked profiles.
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Test suite: "Creating your own cache directory"

Purpose: In 7.1 a new command-line option "--cachedir" has been introduced to allow optional separate path for the cache part of user data previously stored in var/cache/ subfolder in userdir.
Setup: No special setup is needed.

  1. "Running netbeans 7.1 with --cachedir option in command prompt"
    1. Go to command prompt and type netbeans.exe --cachedir "path of your own directory which you intend to make as the cache directory " Example :
      In windows XP C:\netbeans.exe --cachedir C:\mycache
    1. After pressing enter netbeans starts.
    2. Go to Help > About dialog box now shows the cachedir
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The description in the about dialog box should show :- Cache directory: C:\mycache.
  1. Verifying the creation of cache directory
    1. From your respective OS GUI go to the path where you wished to have your cache directory for netbeans and verify that it is created there or not.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The cache directory which you specified would be created if not present initially. And if such directory is present already then the same will be used by netbeans as its cache directory

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