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Vesta Prototype (NBI-based installer for Sun Studio)


  1. Vesta must be based on Netbeans Installer (aka NBI)
  2. Vesta prototype supported platforms:
  • Solaris 10 for x86;
  • Linux with RPM (RH, SuSe, Mandriva)
  1. Prototype should be able to install Netbeans 6 core and Netbeans 6 C/C++ cluster.
  2. It should be able to install two or more extra Netbeans modules.
  3. Installation of any number of single packages or package clusters should be supported.
  4. It should provide an UI for modules and packages selection.
  5. Support for a notion of groups of modules and packages.
  6. Interactive mode and silent mode support. For silent mode installer parameters should be passed by command line options or xml-file.
  7. Support of successful installation uninstalling.
  8. Existing installation of Netbeans 6 detecting. Alert user and ask if he wants to use existing or install a new copy of Netbeans.
  9. Provide an infrastructure for getting requested components via network. Components should be identified by URI. Currently only file:// URI type should be supported.

The Sources and Binaries

There is an a page where it is described how to build Vesta project or download binaries. Also additional information about packaging for Solaris and Linux is contained there.


Vesta Prototype presentation can be found File:VestaProtoPresentation VestaProto.pdf here.


Milestone 1 (Mar 1) completed

  1. Provide an ability to install Netbeans 6 C/C++ cluster. (completed)
  2. Support installation of native package on Solaris. (completed)

Milestone 2 (Mar 12) completed

  1. Provide RPM-based packages support. (completed)
  2. Support for package clusters (assume fix location for clusters). (completed)
  3. Create a scripts for generating RPM & SVR packages. (completed)
  4. Provide UI for components selection. (completed)

Milestone 3 (Mar 25) completed

  1. Make location of bits data general. (completed)
  2. Provide silent mode. (completed)
  3. Populate clusters with actual Sun Studio packages. (completed)

Milestone 4 (Apr 5) completed

  1. Add support for NetBeans modules and modules clusters. (completed)
  2. Develop uninstaller. (completed)
  3. Support Service Tags and Registration. (completed)

Meetings minutes


  • Milestone 0 should be properly documented.
  • Aliases for integration and build should be created.
  • During milestone 2 team members should become familiar with Solaris and Linux native packages creation. Some tools and TWiki descriptions should be provided.
  • Ubuntu Linux distribution should be changed to openSUSE 10.3 (or other RPM-based distribution) as where is no Debian packages provided for Sun Studio yet.


  • Team members should be familiar with Sun Studio builds.
  • Team should examine ASCII file with full list of packages containing Sun Studio and how this file can be used during installer creation.

03/13/2008 (additional meeting about structure of Sun Studio builds)

  • Special checks before installing distribution packages should be provided by installer.
  • Patched installation should be supported by installer.
  • Where is no need in separate files installation.
  • Installation may be driven by files, which describe Sun Studio installation packages structure and relationship.
  • Full DVD disk image and localized versions of it creation in not needed anymore.
  • Sun Studio installer should support distributions the way Netbeans installer do.


  • Sun Studio integration with Netbeans 6.1 is not an issue of SS Installer Team.
  • It is not necessary to integrate Sun Studio cluster with existing Netbeans installation in prototype.
  • Team must fix failed nightly builds as quickly as possible (and after having fixed rebuild project manually if needed).
  • Three draft documents should be prepared: requirements for Sun Studio installer, description of interface between Sun Studio builds and installer and user view (look-and-feel of installer and all possible user workflow scenarios).


  • Uninstaller should be provided either as separate shell script or can be base on NBI framework.
  • Team should investigate how it is possible for two different versions of Sun Studio coexists in one working environment.
  • After creating prototype complete description of Vesta's use cases should be created.


  • Team should make requirements for Sun Studio service tags registration.
  • It's not essential to do actual service tags registration in prototype.
  • Team should think about Sun Studio distribution model.
  • It should be possible to install Sun Studio in a system with 512MB of RAM.


  • Team should try to get Netbeans 6.1 copatible packages.
  • Cookbook about Sun Studio installation should be written.
  • Scripts for installation integrity testing should be created.


  • Team should prepare Vesta prototype demo and presentation
  • Presentation must include preliminary project schedule and team introduction
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