He was significant contributor (special mention) to the NetBeans Community since Sep 26, 2007, in one way OR the other. Now, he's working at some Indian IT company since October 2009 and no longer contributes to NetBeans Community.

Past Associations

He was also the NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator, NetBeans Community Docs for nearly one year.

  • He has worked with James, Amit and later on, Aristides, Kristian and Joshua to take Community Docs to a new high!!
  • He had officially stepped out of the NetBeans Dream Team since mid-April 2009 and since then, he is known as NetBeans Dream Team Honorary Member.
  • He was also NetCAT 6.5 Team member from July - November 2008.

Community Docs and I

"Its been a great journey so far, hope to continue that way in the future too...I started off in late November (2007), when I was participating in Code For Freedom Contest (eventually becoming NetBeans Community Significant Contributor). It was during this contest, that I got addicted to NetBeans Community."

Docs Contributions

Here's the list of documentations contributed by him, irrespective of being Dream Team Member and Contribution Coordinator at some point of time. The following contributions are classified into three categories;

  1. Articles
  2. Tips and Tricks
  3. Tutorials


S. No. Contribution No. Date Title of Contribution Extras
#01 72 Dec 13, 2007 Checking Out Using CVS and Doing Headless Builds Article on Doc #1 published in "Also Today", a news archive about what's happening around Java on
#02 80 Jan 14, 2008 Getting Started with NetBeans Docs Special mention, on the home page, i.e. Community Docs.

Tips & Tricks

S. No. Contribution No. Date Title of Contribution
#03 121 Mar 17, 2008 Troubleshooting NetBeans Startup
#04 137 Apr 29, 2008 Resizing Components in GUI Matisse Builder
#05 148 May 22, 2008 Passing Runtime Arguments using NetBeans
#06 149 May 22, 2008 Troubleshooting NetBeans Startup (Part 2)
#11 160 Jun 26, 2008 Hacking Module's XML Layer in NetBeans (Part 1)
#12 163 Jun 26, 2008 Hacking Module's XML Layer in NetBeans (Part 2)
#15 176 Jul 22, 2008 How To Apply Code Fixes
#17 191 Aug 03, 2008 Add/Remove Sort Key from Woodstock TableDataProvider
#19 227 Oct 08, 2008 Open Projects In a Different Way
#20 236 Oct 28, 2008 Editor Windows Reactivated
#21 238 Oct 28, 2008 Configure Clusters and Modules
#22 270 Dec 08, 2008 Want to use GSF API's?
#23 298 Feb 25, 2009 "Deploy on Build" with JBoss Application Server
#24 300 Feb 28, 2009 "Project Groups" makes NetBeans run faster
#25 321 Jun 18, 2009 Configure NetBeans using Batch Files..
#26 322 Jun 18, 2009 Managing NetBeans Platforms

Doc #13 and #14 are How To's, so not included them in this list, for referring them, click on Doc#11, it has pointers to them. They have now become part of Developer FAQ's. Thanks ;)
Doc #18: Configure XAMPP with NetBeans Database Explorer


S. No. Contribution No. Date Title of Contribution
#07 156 Jun 26, 2008 Creating CallableSystemAction From Scratch
#08 157 Jun 26, 2008 Creating CookieAction From Scratch
#09 158 Jun 26, 2008 Transforming Actions (Part 1)
#10 159 Jun 26, 2008 Transforming Actions (Part 2)
#16 179 Jul 23, 2008 Revamped Hyperlink Navigation Tutorial


  • Started off in February 2008, 1st Anniversary of Community Docs.
  • Learning NetBeans, the NetBeans way!


Varun Nischal

Although, he's no longer associated with the community. However, if you have any queries about his documentations, mail him at the following email id(s).
Email: nvarun AT NetBeans.

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