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VCS Search History Redesign

The search History views in svn and hg need some redesign.

Use Cases

  • Search for commit logs by the following criteria - Message, Author, Date (from - to interval) and eventually specify the maximum number of returned entries.
  • Show the returned log entries, sorted in a chronological order - list the revision, author, date, message and change paths (files) in a commit. Comes as a Summary View and Diff View.
  • Set filter criteria to specify which revisions and files should be shown - e.g show merges, show all change paths
  • Some file specific actions - e.g. view revision, diff two different revisions, ... For more info see the relevant implementation in hg or svn
  • Some revision specific actions - e.g. revert changes, revert all previous changes, ... For more info see the relevant implementation in hg or svn

Known Issues

Addressing only serious issues asking for UI changes. Skipping things like add action A into context menu M, etc. for more information see also -

  • suboptimal performance in case of too long or complex histories - slow rendering 185414, very long return time, 184487 (hotfixed in svn)
  • too many unordered information shown for all listed revision. Change paths are either hidden or shown for all revisions at once - 91815 + duplicates (related issues)
  • too few information is shown - e.g only file name in diff view - 84346
  • poor context logic - e.g. package doesn't work like a flat folder. All change paths are show, even if they aren't located under a selected folder, ... 81324
  • poor search and filter criteria layout - e.g. Search History criteria and Search button hidden by default - see also 156599, also consider other filter criteria - e.g. file/path name [see also 162015

Suggested changes

  • By default show only minimal revision information consisting of Revision, Author, Date and Message. This is what most users usually want. Additional information consisting of a complete files list should be fetched either on an explicit user action in the summary view or by selecting/traversing a revision in the diff view. Consider an user option to always fetch all change paths if wished.
  • Make the change paths sections expandable/collapsible
  • filter/highlight change paths by a given context - e.g. selected file, project, package (flat folder). Consider other filter criteria - e.g. file name
  • Consider redesigning search/filter criteria area


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