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Ajax Development Environment User Types and Use Cases

User Types

Web Page Authors:

  • Have knowledge and experience in HTML and CSS
  • Do not consider themselves programmers and therefore have limited programming skills
  • Most likely use DreamWeaver, Front Page or other web page authoring tools
  • Are likely to have some visual design skills

Therefore, some assumptions:

  • They need straight forward tools which are easy to navigate, focusing on their use cases; step by step guidance/wizards
  • They need simple tutorials and sample code ready for cut & paste
  • They need very clear, easily available documentation
  • They need assistance in profiling their output.

Web Application Developers

  • Have programming skills
  • May or may not use IDE's, not likely to use web page authoring tools; are the target for NetBeans today
  • Not likely to have visual design or interaction design skills
  • Likely to have experience developing in one or more of the following technologies: Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby

Therefore, some assumptions:

  • In addition to the development environment assumptions described above, this class of developer will be interested in detailed configuration of sample code and widgets. Will want to understand how to enhance, modify or configure the existing widgets
  • Will be concerned with performance and most likely will have knowledge in profiling techniques.

Widget Library Authors

  • Have detailed JavaScript programming knowledge
  • May or may not use IDE's

Therefore, some assumptions:

  • Will want to understand design and architecture of existing widget libraries.
  • Will be very concerned with library interfaces and performance.

Use Cases

Web Page Author

  • Has a static web page and wishes to add some dynamic behavior: bubble pop-ups, validation on data entry, more dynamic menus.
  • Has an idea for a set of web pages plus dynamic behavior and wishes to implement them without having to program (ie, without javascript knowledge).
  • Will want to change the look of the web pages easily.
  • Must be able to get into tool and working productively with fewer than 3 steps.
  • Must be able to install tool and have it be obvious what next steps are once installed and initially run.

Web Application Developers

  • Develop a complete web application, taking advantage of the latest UI techniques
  • Utilize best of breed widgets solutions
  • Change the Look of the resultant application

Widget Library Developers

  • Add a new widget to an existing third party library
  • Enhance an existing widget in any one of the libraries
  • Create a new set of widgets and offer them as a new library
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