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  • During the translation of a product, application, tool or documentation, the translators, linguists and others working on localization, may have questions or doubts about the product, or may have found errors or inconsistencies in the English.
  • To handle these types of situations, there is a tool called Queryzilla.
  • The Queryzilla website is
  • If you don't have a login or have forgotten it, request one from Helen.Li@Sun.COM or Petra.Macurova@Sun.COM. Otherwise, log into with the login account provided to you. Under product "NetBeans", you will be able to submit a new query, search for existing queries, and view responses. Queries and answers can be shared among other users.
  • Please remember to select correct query type
  • "source" for source error or queries;
  • "technical" for technical questions;
  • "linguistic" for language questions;
  • "Style" for style guide questions;
  • "other" for other questions.

How to use it

For technical questions:

  1. Japanese: specify to receive or answer the query;
  2. Simplified Chinese:
  1. Brazil Portuguese: specify, to receive and answer the query;

For language questions:

  1. Japanese: specify to receive and answer the query;
  2. Simplified Chinese: specify to receive and answer the query;
  3. Brazil Portuguese: specify to receive and answer the query.
  • For all of the above, please remember to copy (cc:) the Project Managers (Helen.Li@Sun.COM for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or other Asian languages; Petra.Macurova@Sun.COM for Brazil Portuguese or other European and Americas languages.), Currently, both Helen and Petra are in the default cc list, so without taking any action, Helen and Petra will be cc'ed for all questions.

For other questions or languages:

Contact Helen.Li@Sun.COM or Petra.Macurova@Sun.COM.

To answer questions

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