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The UML plugin changed hands from Netbeans to a community-driven effort. Here's the proposed roadmap (items in bold are completed). See project Eidos for more information.

  • Update to 6.9
  • Make it usable (as it was in 6.7.1)
  • Fix P1 issues
  • Beta Release
  • Fix P2, P3 and below (if possible)
  • Release Candidate
  • Enhancements
    • C++ UML Plugin
    • PHP UML Plugin

With the release of NetBeans 6.5, NetBeans Engineering officially stopped all new feature development on NetBeans UML plugin.

This decision was taken after matching our resources with the overall roadmap and priorities.

The UML offering, which is robust and relatively comprehensive, is enough to satisfy the needs of most developers. For more advanced capabilities that would appeal to the expert user and the enterprise, we believe it would be of more value to work with our partners to provide the NetBeans community with credible complimentary offerings.

We are partnering with Visual Paradigm, a strategic NetBeans partner and an industry leader in this space, to provide a solution for those who need these additional capabilities beyond what is provided by the NetBeans UML plugin. SDE for NetBeans from Visual Paradigm provides a wide range of enterprise class features including:

  • Importing existing NetBeans UML projects
  • Full UML 2.0 support
  • Team collaboration capabilities
  • Code generation for Java, C++, PHP and more

Learn more at Visual Paradigm SDE for NetBeans

The UML code is available on and community members can create new features or enhancements.

Also see plans for a re-write of the plugin.

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