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What's New

  • Community decided for a complete rewrite of UML plugin. See project Eidos for more details. [2011-01-17]. Note that there is confusion around who the "community" is that "voted for a complete rewrite" rather than simply making the existing UML support work again. See Eidos Rewrite issues
  • UML project was handed to the community. Current work in progress to get this must needed plugin back in action! [2010-08-19]
  • The UML module has been removed from the standard distribution. For NetBeans IDE 6.7, there are no new features. For enterprise-class UML support, we recommend SDE for NetBeans by Visual Paradigm. [2009-06-29]

Eidos UML

Eidos UML is a project to restructure, redesign and recreate the NetBeans UML plugin into a leaner, meaner and more extensible module.

UML Developer Wiki

Developers guide

Community Projects


Community Wish List

UML Community Wishlist





Quality Engineering


UML Functional Testing Guidelines For Community Testers

  • NetBeans UML plugin only supports the following 5 diagrams. Please do not file issue on the missing diagrams since there are already issues to track them.
    • Activity Diagram
    • Class Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • State Diagram
    • Use Case Diagram
  • Since some UML 2.0 features are not supported in NB UML, if you want to file bugs for missing features please file them as feature issues instead of defect issues.
  • For UML bugs, use the following component & version and reference the following bug priority guidelines. Before filing a bug, it's good to confirm to see if such a bug already exists by searching in the existing unresolved bug list first.
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