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Purpose of UI Reviews

UI Review is an interactive online process that provides recommendations and guidance for UI design of a new feature or a change of the existing feature. The goal of UI Reviews is to supervise the design of NetBeans IDE and other products based on NetBeans and provide help and suggestions during the reviews.

How to Get Involved?

The requests for reviews are entered as regular issues into Bugzilla.

They need to be marked with keyword UI_REVIEW and each review is started by CCing or reassigning the issue to uireviews@netbeans.org which automatically sends an email to ui-changes@netbeans.org mailing list.

Requests not specific to any particular area are to be filed under ide / UI component in Bugzilla.

Requests related to a particular area are to be filed in the area's Bugzilla component as any other bug related to the area.


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