Hg disk usage

-bash-3.00$ date
Tue Jul  8 02:22:47 PDT 2008
-bash-3.00$ du -hs binaries-data hgroot/*
 857M   binaries-data
 1.0M   hgroot/apitest
 260K   hgroot/apitest.old
 914M   hgroot/core-main
 742M   hgroot/core-winsysfx
 898M   hgroot/dbdataview
 915M   hgroot/dbg-prototype
 911M   hgroot/dbg-prototype.old
 879M   hgroot/dev-javascript
  36M   hgroot/javafx
 937M   hgroot/jet-cos
 899M   hgroot/jet-cos.old
 1.4G   hgroot/jet-main
 871M   hgroot/jet-parsing-api
 871M   hgroot/jet-parsing-api.old
 663M   hgroot/jsdebugger-old
 743M   hgroot/jsdebugger-old2
 922M   hgroot/laziness
 1.4G   hgroot/main
 1.7G   hgroot/main-golden
  80K   hgroot/nb-hooks
  29M   hgroot/nb-quality
  24K   hgroot/platformx
 921M   hgroot/profiler-main
 1.1G   hgroot/release61
 948M   hgroot/release61_fixes
 632M   hgroot/release61-beta
 738M   hgroot/release61-jsdebugger
 729M   hgroot/release61-php
 877M   hgroot/release65_m1
 891M   hgroot/simpletests
 859M   hgroot/soa-dev
 887M   hgroot/uml-main
 776M   hgroot/uml-meteora
 557M   hgroot/vw-main
 938M   hgroot/
-bash-3.00$ du -hs hgroot  
  17G   hgroot
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