Current status: finishing stage one - starting API reviews, fixing bugs and preparing for trunk merge on 21-25th Jan

Stage One

The purpose of this stage is to get working J2SE project to users for review as soon as possible, that is merge branch into trunk and get feedback on nbusers/nbdev.

What works

  • custom JFileChooser implemented and used when adding a jar to sharable project or to sharable library
  • new project wizard allows to choose project sharability and select libraries definition file
  • project customizer Libraries panel changed
  • junit, copy-task, swing-layout libraries are (as needed) copied to shared libraries definition; works also for any wizard adding a technology to project, e.g. new JPA wizard adds JPA jars
  • library chooser for sharable projects shows only sharable libraries and allows to create new lib or import global lib
  • UI for associating Javadoc/sources to JARs
  • form module: adding a bean from a jar to a panel in sharable project asks user how to reference the jar

Finished tasks

  • ( DONE for J2SE ) update New Project wizard (j2se/web/ejb) and Libraries panel in Project Customizer
  • ( DONE ) add ProjectLibraryProvider.isProjectSharable(AntProjectHelper) - will perhaps test presence of ProjectLibraryProvider.NAMESPACE in project.xml
  • ( DONE ) change and/or enhance ant/project/ReferenceHelper to not use collocationQuery and just create references for given (non-normalized; perhaps relative) files as they are; store all references always in - project is either sharable in which case user should add relative paths or non-sharable in which case it does not matter
  • ( DONE )attach javadoc/sources to JAR
  • impl JavadocQuery and SourceForBinaryQuery
  • UI for editing javadoc/sources for JAR classpath item
  • extract single library customizer from libraries manager
  • ( DONE in couple of places in J2SE )'Add jar to project/library' dialog (custom JFileChooser) and use it in all places
  • ( DONE for J2SE )show real paths in project customizer
  • ( DONE )show real paths in library customizer
  • impl changes in Libraries Manager for shared libraries
  • ( DONE basic version )impl import of global libraries to shared one
  • ( DONE ) add library panel changes - add import
  • Jesse's branch
  • ( DONE ) change ProjectLibraryProvider.ProjectLibraryImplementation.setContent to just store whatever is passed - no path relativization
  • ( DONE ) Rewrite versionable library descriptors from branch to allow absolute path to library descriptor from project as well.
  • ( DONE let's keep them ) Evaluate if we need the *-private.libraries files from ProjectLibraryProvider, most probably not, not necessary to have special sharabilityQuery implementation then.
  • ( DONE )rollback changes done to the tools/Libraries dialog or fix
  • ( DONE ) always just edit one library location
  • ( DONE ) provide api/spi to embed the panel and use for custom locations
  • ( DONE ) edit jar dialog with relative paths, opens browse dialog in wrong place - mkleint
  • ( DONE ) show customizer of sharable libraries somewherew
  • ( PARTIALLY DONE ) (J2SE) change UI for project libraries location to show just folder and not properties file; also as default name use something like

Stage Two

The purpose of this stage is to implement remaining functionality in J2SE project and implement accordingly all other project types and deliver Out-of-Box Versionability feature for NB 6.1 Milestone2.


  • ( DONE ) Make project sharable processing code + UI started mkleint
  • ( DONE ) FileOwner-based CollocationQuery implementation - done mkleint Not in global lookup yet.
  • ( DONE ) Version control based CollocationQueries - #124883
  • save changes in library definition locations. - mkleint
  • migrate all other project types to sharable libraries - web/ear/ejb/... - dkonecny
  • resolve J2EE platform handling - dkonecny / phejl
  • project commit must include any new files from sharable libraries location
  • ( DONE ) kill AlwaysRelativeQuery
  • ( DONE ) change build script to test required platform (j2se/j2ee) presence and abort build with a descriptive message instead of compilation failure mkleint
  • add "shared project" option to Java Desktop Application wizard

Lower priority:

  • when adding a project to other project classpath user should be able to decide whether relative or absolute reference should be created
  • importing too many or large libraries should perhaps show progress bar
  • ( DONE ) ant/project ProjectLibraryProvider.copyLibrary() should check collocated status of library jars and libraries sharable location folder and if they are collocated it should copy only library definition and not library jars
  • revisit all the question FileChooser from ant/project is asking - perhaps merge them all into one panel asking for confirmation to proceed

The task list may not be complete.

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