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List of clashes, duplicates and close relationships between current IDE functionality and new Task-Driven NetBeans features.


Query list in the Team/Find Issues TC

We already have kind of list of saved queries in the Team/Find Issues TC. This functionality is a duplicate of the Repository/Query list int the Dashboard so I think it should be removed ASA the Dashboard is ready to be used.

Issue Trackers area in Service

We have a list of issue trackers and the ability to Find or Report Issues in the Services window.

Tomas: don't see a problem because of this. The services tab is there to list registered services. http://wiki.netbeans.org/ServicesTabFuncSpec.

Tasks Window

There was some discussion about renaming this and changing the intent of it, but up until 7.2 it was clashing with the terminology we use for TaskFocused: Task Dashboard, Task Context, etc.

In 7.2 the window was renamed to Action Items.

Issue/Query refresh

  • there is a checkbox in the Query dialog to setup if it should be auto-refreshed in case the dialog is open
  • issues are auto-refreshed as well. (no checkbox though)

Versioning integration

  • there is Issue, Issue tracker and Update issue labels in versioning commit dialogs. Issue should be replaced with Task. The labels come partially from the commit dialog itself and partially from QuickSearchCombo
  • Attach Patch dialog

Query vs. Find Issue

currently "Find Issues ..." is the action name when invoking a query, but the Dashboard comes with the verb "query" for an equivalent action.

Also note that the query dialog in Bugzilla/Jira also contains fields to simply open a specific issue...


Currently there is a tab called "Issue Tracking". Has to be cleanup up from irrelevant settings and maybe also renamed to "Tasks Something"

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