TS 72 PHP Test Specifications

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Note: This document should replace the old "TS 69 PHP Test Specifications". Most of the test specs below need to be updated with new features introduced for 7.2. Instead of editing each file, a new file (with 72 in name instead of 69) should be made (= copy&paste old one and update) and link below changed

This document contains list of all available PHP test specifications and links to 3rd party SW necessary to perform tests.

Note: Notice that it would be tedious to write specifications on all covered topics and even more tedious to check them manually with all possible variations. List of all automated tests with topics covered is published in this document.

Note: Only the Sanity TS is required for any pre-release build. NetCAT members are free to do more ofcourse. Having builds tested on a wide deversity of OSes has preference above focussing on all TSes for one OS!

List of PHP Test Specification for NetBeans 7.2

Important Documents For Required 3rd Party Software

This 3rd party software is necessary to be installed in order perform Sanity TS and to perform most of other TSs.

Package apache+php+mysql
Apache HTTP Server
Symfony Framework
Zend Framework

List of Automated Test and Covered Topics

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