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PHP Doctrin2 Framework Support Test Specification for NetBeans 7.2

Author: Vladimir Riha
Version: 1.0
Last update: 30th March 2012
Introduction: PHP Doctrine2 Framework Support Test Specification

Mac OS specific details: To find Options on MacOS, go to Netbeans menu -> Preferences


Test suite: Doctrine2 PHP Project

  1. Automatic recognition
    1. Install Doctrine2 as a pear package.
ubuntu example: 
$ sudo pear install pear.doctrine-project.org/DoctrineORM-2.2.0
    1. open Tools -> Options -> PHP -> Doctrine2 -> search
    • EXPECTED RESULT: script is found and path appears in text field
ubuntu example: 
$ sudo pear uninstall pear.doctrine-project.org/DoctrineORM-2.2.0
  1. Manual settings
    1. Install Doctrine2 manually - what basically means download package or clone from Git
    2. open Tools -> Options -> PHP -> Doctrine2 -> Browse
    3. provide path to doctrine.sh file (or perhaps .bat on Windows)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: path should be accepted

  1. Create project
    1. try to create Doctrine2 project and verify expected result and the end of this testcase
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Doctrine2 project is created and it's icon is showing usage of Doctrine2 framework (little orange/red 'd' letter). Invoke project context menu and you should find Doctrine2 -> run command
  2. Project recognition
    1. Create Doctrine2 project and close it
    2. Open closed project again
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Project should be recognized as Doctrine2 project. Invoke project context menu and you should find Doctrine2 -> run command. List of commands should be available

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