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SpellCheck test specification

Author: Peter Pis
Version: 7.0
Last update: 03/03/2010
Introduction: This is test specification for spellcheck support in NetBeans. It provides action for spell checking words used in javadoc, available as hints.


Test suite: Spell Check

Purpose: This testsuite is focused on valid javadoc spellchecking
Comments: Spelling hints are provided only for lines in javadoc where parameters are used.

  1. Spellchecking in javadoc for method
    1. Open "javadoc.ClassB" and enter new method in it:
public static int compute(String s, int i, Integer number, Object o) throws Exception {
   return 1;
    1. Put the cursor over "public ..." and enter "/**" and push "enter".
    2. Valid Javadoc is generated for this method.
    3. Now enter "This is mye javadoc" to the line where the "*" char is only.
    4. Invoke hints (click the mouse over hint bulb in the gutter or invoke it by short cut - ALT+Enter)
    5. There should be listed some hints suggesting e.g. "Change "mye" to "my"" and "Add <mye> to project's dictionary", "Add <mye> to your private dictionary".
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Verify all possibilities provided by hint. "Change" action should change the misspelled word, or adding the word into the appropriate dictionary.

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