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CND 6.9 features (CND69Plans)
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Test scenarios: C/C++ Unit Tests Multiple Hyperlinks Doxygen Fortran Makefiles

C/C++ Pack Test Specification for Fortran editor support



Test specification for Fortran editor support in NetBeans 6.9 C/C++ Pack

  • QA: Dmitry Nikitin

Test suites

Test case 1. Verify Go To Source action in context menu

  1. open sample Fortran Hello World Application
  2. open bar.f in editor
  3. right-click on bar() in Navigator and select "Go To Source"

Result: cursor should be pointed at line "subroutine bar()" in bar.f

Test case 2 Highlighting of comments

  1. create application
  2. add Fortran file with the following code
        print *, "comments0"
!       print *, "comments1"
C       print *, "comments2"
c       print *, "comments3"
*       print *, "comments4"

All comments should be correctly highlighted

Test case 3. Regression tests.

Some comments break parser and navigator shows wrong entries.

Regression on Issue 182702

  1. open in editor the following source file
! комментарий на кириллице.  comments on Cyrillic
    subroutine a()

Result: Navigator should show a()

Regression on Issue 182520

  1. open in editor other file
    subroutine a()
    subroutine b()

Result: Navigator should show a() and b()

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