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Easy Remote Test Specification

Author: Dmitry Nikitin
Version: 0.1
Introduction: Test specification for remote development feature in CND Pack 6.7. See CndRemoteDevelopment70Proposal


Test suite: Easy Remote

Setup: Remote host with compiler collection and ssh-access.

Remote development requires bash to be installed at the remote host (see  FaqCplusPlusRemoteInitializeFail).
  1. Build a Project at a Remote Host
    1. New Project > Sample > C/C++ > Welcome.
      NB: Directory where project is created have to be accessible from both hosts.
    2. Right-click on project node and select Remote Development > Manage Hosts... from popup menu
      Development Host Manager dialog box appears
    3. Click Add button
      New Remote Development Host wizard appears
    4. Step1 (Select Host): type remote host name (e.g. gerta) and click Next button
    5. Step2 (Setup Host): set login and password to access selected host and click Connect
      NB: If you get "Reply from SOCKS server has bad version" see FaqCplusPlusRemoteSocketException
 File:Http://wiki.netbeans.org/attach/TS 67 CNDeasyremote/Screenshot-New Remote Development Host.png 
    1. Step3 (Summury): Select toolchain and click Finish button
    2. Right-click on project node and select Remote Development to check that 'gerta' is set as a build host. Otherwise select 'gerta'.
    3. Build the project and verify that the project was built for remote platform
    • EXPECTED RESULT: the project should be built for remote platform

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