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Satisfaction Survey Test Specification for NetBeans 6.1

Author: Lukas Hasik
Last update: 30.5.2008
Introduction: This test specification describes the tests scenarios for Satisfaction Survey dialog.


Test suite: Satisfaction Survey dialog

Purpose: Test of Satisfaction survey dialog
Setup: Have IDE installation
Comments: In order to speed up the testing, there is a special "testing setup": Start the NetBeans IDE with --locale test and then you will get just five minutes wait instead of three weeks and then just two minutes instead of 24 hours. The page displayed is supposed to be a test page - http://ide.netbeans.org/survey.html, not the real form.

  1. Show dialog
    1. The Survey Satisfaction dialog is shown at the 4th start of IDE. On a subsequent start, after three weeks and three starts of the IDE, the Survey Satisfaction Dialog is shown at the startup
    2. Start the IDE 3 times, change the time (+3 weeks, or +24 hours if using testing setup)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The Satisfaction Survey is shown.
  2. Dialog content
    1. Satisfaction dialog is opened
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The Satisfaction Survey contains a text:
      "Help us improve the NetBeans IDE
      Fill in a five-question user satisfaction survey now."

  3. Go to survey
    1. Press Go to Survey button on Satisfaction Survey Dialog
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Satisfaction Survey Form opens in a internet browser. The survey contains either no info about IDE version or the correct IDE version. The Satisfaction Survey Dialog won't appear on subsequent start or after a time.
  4. Remind later
    1. Press button Remind later on Satisfaction Survey Dialog
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Satisfaction Survey dialog closes. The dialog shows up again after ??some time??(ask Jarda, please).
  5. Skip Survey
    1. Press button Skip Survey on Satisfaction Survey Dialog
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Satisfaction Survey dialog closes and never appears again.
  6. Submit Survey
    1. Press button Go to Survey on Satisfaction Survey Dialog
    2. The Satisfaction Survey web form opens in default browser
    3. Finish the survey, press Submit
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Satisfaction Survey form is sent to server. Than you page is shown.
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