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Command Line Interface and Locking User Directory Test Specification for NetBeans 5.0

Author: Petr Zajac, updated by Tomas Musil
Last update: 12.09.2005
Introduction: This test specs tests the Command Line Interface and Locking User Directory (CLI) feature. Most importatnt IDE switches tested here you can find when running netbeans with --help parametr.For details about this feature see to CLI proposal at http://openide.netbeans.org/proposals/arch/cli.html


Test suite: Command Line Interface and Locking User Directory

Setup: There is no specials steps to configure the NetBeans ide for testing of CLI.

  1. Show help
    1. Run ide with param --help
    • {{result|EXPECTED RESULT: There will be shown help on console with
           General options. 
                 Core Options. 
               OpenFile options 
  1. Open file
    1. Run netbeans with param --open 'filename'. Where the
               'filename' is some name of java file which will be opened.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The ide was started and the file was openeted in editror
  1. Try open unexisting file
    1. Run netbeans with param -open 'filename'. Where the
               'filename' doesn't exist on filesystem.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: After start ide will be shown warning dialog that file 'filename' doesn't exists.
  1. Open file and go to the line
    1. Start the ide.
    2. Run the second instance of netbeans for the same userdir
       with param -open 'filename':'line-number'. The file
       filename must exists and the number of its lines must be great or equal to the
         'line-number'. The 'line-number' is integer value of a line number in opened file.   
          The file will be opened in the editor od first instance of netbeans. The line 
          of cursor of opened file  will be set to the 'line-number' value.
  1. Attributes of lock file
    1. Run netbeans ide
    2. Login to the system as other user.See to file attributes of lock file from nb userdir
          runned in first step.
          The file cannot be read by another user. The attributes are 500 on linux/solaris. 

Test suite: Opening project using Netbeans CLI

Purpose: to test opening a netbenas project using CLI
Setup: no setup needed

  1. Opening Java project from CLI
    1. Create in IDE java project ($PATH_TO_DIR/JavaApplication1), close the project, close netbeans
    2. Run netbeans with parameter "--open $PATH_TO_DIR/JavaApplication1"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: IDE starts and your java project is opened
  2. Open java project in running ide
    1. Run ide
    2. Run the same instance of ide with param "--open $PATH_TO_SOME_JAVAPROJECT"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Project is opened in the same instance
  3. Try to open more projects
    1. Run netbeans with parameter "--open $PATH_TO_JAVAPROJECT1 $PATH_TO_JAVAPROJECT2 $PATH_TO_JAVAPROJECT3"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "IDE opens and all three projects are opened"
  4. Open project with space in name
    1. Run netbeans with parameter "--open $PATH_TO_JAVAPROJECT_WITH_SPACE_IN_NAME"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "IDE opens and project is opened"
  5. Open non existent project
    1. Run netbeans with parameter "--open $SOME FOLDER"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "IDE opens and appropriate message is shown"

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