Java EE Application Basic Test Specification

Author: KeiichiOono
Version: 1.2
Lastupdate: 2008/05/09
Introduction: Testing of the localized UI for Java EE appliction features
Comments: Report L10n Issue in IssueZilla


Test suite: Getting Started with Java EE Applications

Purpose: Test the localized UI for Java EE application features.
Setup: GlassFish V2 You need to install bundled GlassFish V2. If you don't have them, you can install it from the NetBeans installer.

  1. Do the tutorial
    1. Do the tutorial "Getting Started with Java EE Applications":
    2. Check the translated UI messages and product behavior.
    3. In the Projects window, select NewsApp-ejb > Configuration Files > persistence.xml, and open persistance.xml. Test the localized UI of opened Design view.
    4. In the project window, select NewsApp-war > Configuration Files > sun-web.xml and web.xml. And open those two XMLs. The visual editors are opened for those two XMLs. Test the localized UIs in that visual editors.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The translated UI is good to understand. The product works without any errors. The Web Service Test Page is displayed in English.
  2. Add new message with your native language (Optional)
    1. If you have not completed the tutorial "Getting Started with Java EE Applications", complete it to make NewsApp work with English messages.

In the projects window, select NewsApp-war > Source Packages > web >, and open it. Add one line to process multi-byte character after "responce.setContentType" the modified program will be: ..... response.setContentType("text/html;charset=UTF-8"); request.setCharccterEncoding("UTF-8"); // Newly added line .....

    • EXPECTED RESULT: Added message should be displayed correctly.


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