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Editing Support for more HTML versions

Current state

Currently Netbeans 6.8 supports HTML4 which represents HTML 4.01 + including all its predecessors and XHTML 1.0 in all three (strict, transational, frameset) variants.

Features like code completion, tag matching, error checking and indentation utilizes the HTML parser results which is created in accordance with the specified html version.

Following HTML versions are not supported

  • XHTML 1.1 - almost identical with XHTML 1.0, supports modularization
  • XHTML 2.0 - an attempt to refine the XHTML standart, introduces many useful features, however non of the major browsers support it. It seems that none of them is even going to do that so it's possible that the standart will never be used.
  • HTML 5 - Enhances HTML4, adds some new features. A big advantege seems to be that it improves(defines) the way how errorneous documents are processed by clients. Still mainly defined by SGML.
  • XHTML 5 - Like HTML5, in XML form.

X/HTML5 seems to be supported by all major browsers, although IE doesn't support XHTML at all. IE can process the XHTML files as the common tag-soup (normal HTML) files when the mimetype is set to "text/html" instead of the proper "application/xhtml+xml".


It seems to be logical that we do not try to support XHTML 2.0 due to the reasons listed above.

The others should be supported so the same set of features like for HTML4/XHTML1.0 is available for them.

XHMTL 1.1 seems to be not contraversial, just adding the corresponding DTD to the html.editor module should do it.

It might be quite tricky to get some reasonable HTML5 parser since HTML5 parsing rules are quite complicated and cannot be simply described by a DTD or SGML. W3C validator does contains some experimenta HTML5 parser which may be usable. The risk here is that we won't be able to support X/HTML5 due to this issue.

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