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Plan on move of NB Sources from to Apache Git

This plan describes the steps to be done to move sources from current NB HG SCM to new Apache Git. It takes into acount change of license headers, continue development of NetBeans 9. NetBeans 9 development will need some running build jobs which then require also 3rd party binaries available... It assumes source code donation is legally approved from both sides.


Date Step Responsible Description
Day D (TBD) "Apache" branch created from Petr G. -
D+1 Run license headers change Tomas S. Will take 2, maybe 3 days as it is not fully automated process
D+1 Setup build job on deadlock to build from Apache branch Petr G. Standart NB build using binaries from
D+3 Build is done, verified Community Check the build is passing
D+4 NB 9 development is done on regular team repos NB9 dev Sources are merged to "apache" branch periodically
D+4 Sources from "apache" branch are copied to Apache git Community Not clear what will happen to sources there? While being modified at in parallel it will require another move of src later.
D+5 Remove *GPL* libs from NB Platform  ?? Following *GPL* libs are in Platform: 1. nsProxyAutoConfig.js, 2. Swing layout extension 1.0.4, 3. JavaHelp 2.0 (Oracle owned). 2nd will be easy to replace. 1st needs to be discussed with proxyselector-v2 module owner. JavaHelp... These steps will be done in to avoid merging between Git and HG.
D+5 Build job development for Apache Git - NB Full IDE & Platform Petr G. Develop a build using Apache Git, likely run on using 3rd party libs from This is intermediate build before all infrastructure is available on Apache site.
D+5 Need to know how we will develop in Apache Git NB 9 + Community Decide on using "team branches" for which regular build jobs will be setup? Or use some other mechanism...?
- NetBeans Platform build without GPL libs Petr G. NB Platform build is passing using HG.NB.ORG "apache" branch and Apache 3rd party libs location. Just Platform required subset of 3rd party libs, meeting Apache legal requirements. It is running on deadlock or on Apache builders (depends on availability).
- Perform final move of sources from "apache" to Apache Git. Community These are the sources which contains latest NB 9 development, and Platform is built without GPL libs inside. There are 2 build jobs. One for Platform - Apache clean build. 2nd for full NB using Apache Git and 3rd party libs from, excluding Platform binaries.
- Move NetBeans 9 developemnt to Apache Git NB 9 devs NetBeans 9 development will be performed on Apache Git likely using Full NB build job form deadlock. Platform is built on Apache infra using blessed 3rd party libs.
- Move up in clusters chain to remove GPL libs NetBeans 9 dev/ community Remove and replace GPL libs used in ide, extide, Java, ... clusters. Extend the original Apache NB Platform build to build bigger set of IDE modules.
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