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What does the Composite Applicaiton project do?


The Composite Application (CompApp) project defines the content of a JBI Service Assembly that can be deployed to the OpenESB run-time. Standard project actions are available to Build, Deploy, and Test the service assembly. The following is the typical CompApp project user workflow:

Step 1: create a CompApp project

Use the standard NetBeans "File/New Project..." action from its context menu to create a SOA Compsite Application project.

Step 2: add SE SU projects, e.g., bpel and xslt, and BC definitoins

There are several ways to add SU contents into the composite application:

  • To add SE service units --- Right click on the project node and select "Add JBI Module..." to add SU projects, e.g., BPEL, XSLT, and EJB.
  • To add stand-alone BC service units --- Open CASA and add Binding Components from Palette to add stand-alone WSDL ports. The standard use case for this is a BC-to-BC service application.

Step 3: build the service assembly

The "Build" action generate a OpenESB sevice assembly according to the project configuration. The build process does the following:

  • Get SE service unit (SU.jar) from linked SU projects.
  • Combine WSDL files extracted from SU.jar and WSDL ports defined in CompApp
  • Generate connections by matching SE SU endpoints and WSDL ports
  • Generate BC service units for WSDL ports w/connections
  • Package SE and BC service units into a service assembly

Step 4: (optional, if needed) open CASA to edit service assembly and rebuild

If the auto-generated service assembly has problems, one can use the CASA editor to fix them. See FAQ item " What does the CASA editor do?" for more information.

Step 5: deploy and test

The "Deploy" and "Test" actions can be used to deploy the generated service assembly to OpenESB run-time and run unit tests.

An Example

File:Faq01.gif The architecture of NetBeans SOA Tooling

Using the example illustrated in the above diagram, the "Dev. Work" composite application project can be created as follows:

  • Create the BPEL SU project
  • Create the XSLT SU project
  • Create the "Dev. Work" composite application project
  • Add BPEL and XSLT projects to the CompApp project
  • Create project WSDL files within CompApp
  • Build the service assembly and make sure its content is correct
  • If needed, use CASA editor to edit the service assembly and rebuild
  • Deploy the service assembly to the JBI run-time
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