Slowness duplication algorithm


reporting infrastructure is accepting slowness reports from IDE. This page should describe how infrastructure treats them and when we consider two submits as duplicates

Slowness types

  1. Code Completion slowness - slowness that occurs during calling of code completion.
  2. UI slowness - slowness that causes IDE freezes and badly impacts UI responsiveness
  3. Goto type slowness

Duplicate algorithm description

Code completion slowness duplication checking algorithm

In this case we search for suspicious method in Code Completion thread. To mark submit as duplicate, it must have the same suspicious method, and preferably be slowness type of code completion.

UI Slowness

Suspicious methods are searched in AWT thread. We try to search duplicates in reports that have both the same latest action and suspicious method. If we don't find any such, we look only at suspicious method (which is more important for us)


  • Suspicious method - method which is supposed to cause slowness
  • Latest action - action that user invoked before slowness happend
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