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==[[APITest | APITest]] tool==
==[[APITest | APITest]] tool==

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APITest tool

This is the tool behind SignatureTest infrastructure. It checks for incompatibilities and is currently done by NetBeans' own version of an OpenJDK sigtest tool tool. This adds a standard Ant task to check for binary backward compatibility, mutual signature compatibility. The binary compatibility check ignores generic types. Its sources are distributed together with its Mercurial repository and are available under GPL version 2.


Binary Builds are available from our hudson builder. Get the sources with

  hg clone
  cd apitest
  ant jar test
  # open in NetBeans

Why another API test tool?

  • We need our own extended Ant task - it would be the best if sigtest could use Ant task with the same setters and behaviour
  • There does not seem to be many tests in original sigtest, we need the sigtest to pass our


  • The sources of sigtest cannot be smoothly opened in NetBeans. Until that is changed, we need to keep the project skeleton in some public repository

Existing patches to sigtest

  • All were accepted.
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