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My name is Ruth, I'm on the web content team, and I don't know why Tim Boudreau and Trung Duc Tran have or have not three heads (but it may be a Mercurial-related joke).

My to-do list:


Interesting wiki pages

My Wiki Sandbox

semicolon - what's this?
colon - a nice way to indent text

A Test: zwei Striche

B Test drei lalala

C Test vier am kleinsten

test image sytax

Entry_point_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Entry_point_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png

not: Entry_point_16.png

Image:List_action_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Image:Switch_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Image:If_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Image:Previous_screen_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Image:Call_point_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png Image:Switch_case_16_VisualMobileDesignerPalatteReference.png

{{{prefromatted text braces}}}
prefromatted text pre
prefromatted text tt test code
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