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Ruby Community Information


Asking Questions

There are two mailing lists for NetBeans Ruby Support questions, which you can access in several ways:

  • NetBeans Ruby user and support mailing list. This is the place to ask for help and to help others.
  • NetBeans Ruby developers's mailing list. Day-to-day discussion and planning of NetBeans Ruby development happens here.

These are both available from MarkMail.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the NetBeans Ruby Support FAQ. You are welcome to add your own entries.

Reporting Bugs and Making Suggestions

To learn how to report bugs and provide feedback, see the RubyFeedback page.

Contributing to the NetBeans Ruby Project

  • If you are interested in joining the development effort, see the Ruby Participation page.
  • If you have ideas about documentation that you would like to see, add them to the list at RubyDocumentationDrafts.
  • If you have posted a blog, tutorial, or article about NetBeans Ruby support, you can send an announcement to the alias.
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