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Rich Unger's Netbeans Dream Team Page


My name is Rich Unger. I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at, currently working on Apex, a domain specific language for their cloud computing platform. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I first became involved in NetBeans around 2002, while working for Nuance Communications. I was on a team developing modules to facilitate development of VoiceXML based Java EE applications. This was one of the earlier efforts on the part of a non-Sun entity to develop a large application on the NetBeans Platform. I wrote several tutorials to help people newly approaching the platform, as well as hacking the build scripts to provide a build harness for module development. Later, I proposed and helped implement changes to certain APIs, including the extensibility of project types.

I've spoken on the topic of NetBeans module development, along with Jaroslav Tulach, Andrei Eickler, and Tim Boudreau several times at JavaOne, and once at OOPSLA. I have also contributed a chapter to the RCP book.

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