Retouche migration plan for webtier modules

Netbeans 6.0 introduced project Retouche which replaced the old infrastructure for java source classes manipulation (JMI). The JMI code has been removed so we need to migrate all the existing dependent code to Retouche. Rad more in Migration of Java EE modules to Retouche.

Affected modules

  • web/core (rnajman: done with TODO)
  • web/jspsyntax
  • web/jsf (ppisl: done with TODO)
  • web/project (madamek: done)
  • web/struts (ppisl: done with TODO)



The module is enabled in the 6.0 build now.

  • WebInjectionTargetQueryImplementation (rnajman: enabled)
  • Servlet support (rnajman: enabled; TODO - setNodes(...) in ServletEditor)
  • Web Listener wizard (rnajman: enabled; abstract methods are not implemented in the generated code, user can implement them using the hint - depends on #89671)
  • Tag handler wizard (rnajman: enabled)


The module is enabled in the 6.0 build now, all code dependent on JMI commented out.

Following features are disabled:

  • java classes hyperlinking in JSP
  • java completion in JSP scriptlets
  • jsp completion javadoc (used NbJCCellRenderer and pane)
  • Expression Language completion for javabeans
  • JSP scriptlet actions GoToSource, declaration etc.
  • JSP code completion for @page import, extends etc.

Diff for the web/jspsyntax and web/core modules is available here.


The module is in the build back.


  • There is only one limitation that is missing dialog for finding FQCN. Due to this absence there are disabled Browse buttons in the dialogs, which invoke the missing dialog.


The module is in the build back.


  • Missing dialog for finding FQCN (the same as in struts module)
  • Code Completion for manged beans in EL is disabled
  • Hyperlink for managed beans in EL is disabled
  • Save Delete, Move Class refactoring is disabled


Back in build.

Basic JAX-WS functionality:

  • WS Creation
  • WS Client Creation
  • WS Handler creation
  • WS Handler Configuration
  • WS Client Code generation


  • Add WS Operation - not implemented
  • Automatic WS detection(annotation listener) - not implemented


Back in build.

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