Meeting about requirements on other teams for NetBeans 6.0

This is NOT a live document! Use this document to track requests on other teams!

Attendees: Martin Adamek, Andrei, Radko, Milan, Vince, Petr Jiricka

  • Martin:
  • P1: FQN search for entering class names in dialogs, parametrized (e.g. only show Exceptions)
  • P2: better yet: text field with code completion for class names (again, parametrized)
  • Class subnodes (methods, fields, ...), filtering possibility
  • nothing from Java team
  • questions for HIE whether we want to move logical view into navigator
  • SeeBeyond team had good input for JMS, maybe they have similar ideas for other areas?
  • change icons for entities, session beans, ... (annotation only), popup actions + icons
  • HIE input needed
  • is this doable? Doesn't depend on Retouche team, should be request on core, it is not just Java-specific case
  • Milan web services:
  • can we have two navigator views?
  web services node structure could be simplified and moved to navigator, need to check with HIE
  • Radko:
  • P1: project properties are saved when user opens project properties and cancels, perf issue
  • P2: need public method in JavaEditor, needed in WebApplicationListener wizard, to generate methods to implement interfaces
  • P2: validation of project properties (that a value is in a given range etc.), similar mechanism as in wizards
  • P2: validation like this in ALL dialogs
  • Petr J:
  • P1 or P2: Task list that shows all errors/warnings
  • P1: Shortcut for opening files (JSPs, ...)
  • P2: user defined code clips in palette
  • P2: refactoring should optionally fall back to search + replace
  • P2: better UI (not popup menu) for actions like Call EJB, Use EM, Use DB maybe code completion? maybe Source menu?
  • P2: true headless build
  • Petr P:
  • P1: General refactoring API. Not only refactoring based on the java events.
  Needed for EL refactoring, JSP, HTML etc. Issue #89605
  • P2: API for notification in an output window. This is more usability issue (probably not P2),
  but we need an api for notifying errors in an output window which is not visible. Issue #89852
  • P2: API for setting and resolving character encoding for files in the IDE.
  We need it mainly for html files without the meta tag. This issue have been discussed for 2 years. Issue #42638
  • Andrei:
  • P1: Listening on non-existing files
  • P1: Get the Java element under the caret (for use by "Use Entity Manager", "Use Database")
  Lookup-based actions in the New actions API could help
  • P1: API to resolve a type (TypeMirror) from String (needed by Method customizer) - already possible: TreeUtilities.parseType()
  • P2: Listening on subtree of the filesystem (P1 is performance of listening of the whole FS is not acceptable)
  • P3: New actions API - ability to run SQL using Shift+F6
  • Stepan:
  • P2: Add logging level based message filtering, issue #90508
  • P2: Add support for creating links, issue #90512
  • P2: Add support for displaying process output and log files, issue #90513
  • P1: Provide an API for adding icon in the output window tab, issue #60862
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