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NetBeans 6.5 REST and SaaS Support Engineering Plan

The is the NetBeans 6.5 engineering plan for the REST and SaaS support. The list of features we have identified are listed in here at the bottom. Here is the schedule

For the past few releases, we implemented smaller features during milestone 1 (which has always been very short) and the bigger features during milestone 2. We ran into problems during the 6.1 release cycle because we weren't able to get the bigger features working properly until at the very end of the release cycle. This caused a lot of strain on development and QE. To prevent this from repeating, we need to start working on the bigger P1 features early starting with M1. However, since M1 is really short (we only have about two weeks of development time), we will not be able to deliver all the functionality for a particular feature. Instead, we will take a phased approach. For example, we will only implement a subset of the enhancements for the REST CRUD generator for M1 and implement the remainder during M2. Similarly, for PHP SaaS code generation support, we will first support services using api key and add support for services using other types of authentication later on during M2.

Also, for M1, we will defer bug fixing to the stabilization period to give us more time to work on the features.

With regard to RESTful web services support for PHP, due to a lack of a compelling framework with similar capability as Jersey (Zend framework is the most popular but the services created using the framework is not truly RESTful. There are also a few other frameworks such as Konstrukt,Tonic and dbscript but they don't seem to be widely used.) and engineering resources, we will not implement this feature for 6.5. Instead, we will concentrate on the consumption side, i.e., our SaaS service support.

This is consistent with the plan for core web services which also will concentrate on consumption instead of service creation. The plan now is to combine effort and support web consumption via the Web Service Manager.

Feature Descriptions

The following is a list of the feature descriptions. Click on each link to read the corresponding one-pager.

QE Plan


Documentation Plan



  • REST implementation in Jersey.


See the individual schedule in the feature descriptions.

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