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VisualWeb Project Migration in 6.0

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Owner: John Baker

Tracked by 94804


To support importing or migrating projects that were developed in Creator 2 or VisualWeb Pack 5.5 the features listed below are required of Databases.
Once the settings are migrated, Creator 2/NB 5.5.x projects' pages should bind to rowsets successfully.

At IDE startup, NetBeans will

  • copy $userdir/context.xml to $6.0userdir/config/{release}/*
  • {release} = 2_1 | 5_5 | 5_5_1
  • copy drivers jdbc-drivers/* to $6.0userdir/jdbc-drivers/*
  • exclude datasourceconfig.xml
  • if the same driver file name exists in multiple releases then use the one from the latest release, e.g.
  • Dataconnectivity will register drivers and connections

Dataconnectivity implementation

  • Register JDBC drivers from the $userdir/jdbc-drivers folder
  • Parse $userdir/config/{release}/context.xml then register connections
  • Remove folder and files - $userdir/config/{release}
  • Support restoring project's datasources via the Data Source References node or by opening a visualweb page that contains components bound to rowsets


  • Feature - Copy JDBC drivers and context.xml to the userdir [99740|]


  • Sample database (from Creator 2) connections are migrated but not the databases themselves.
 SQL scripts are provided
  • Only 1 Travel connection is added, so legacy samples using Travel need to be migrated by hand

by fixing the resource settings in the setup folder (see the Files tab)

  • Sun Java System drivers are not migrated (from Creator 2 and they may be out of date anyways)

Use Cases

  • If you have NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1 and Creator 2 installed then rename the userdir for NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1
  1. Creator 2 add datasource for MySQL
  1. In Creator 2, create a new project dnd a Table component then dnd the TRIP table from the MySQL connection
  2. Start NetBeans 6.0 clean and migrate settings - click Yes in the dialog provided
  3. Check in the Runtime tab for the MySQL connection
  4. Open the Creator 2 project created in step 1
  5. Expand the project node, select the Data Source References node, right-click then choose the Resolve Data Source(s) context menuitem
  6. or open a page in the Designer that has components bound to rowsets
  • Also note the $userdir/config/2_1 folder should be deleted afterwards

To test NetBeans 5.5.x restore the userdir name and repeat the steps 1-5

  • Other databases can be tried using NetBeans 5.5.x
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