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New JavaScript Editor Support

This document contains information about progress of rewriting JavaScript editor support from user point of view. If you want to play with it, you should use this continual build. The features mentioned here doesn't have to work in all cases. They are tested mainly on the certain cases and they are not fully stabilized yet.

All features are based on a model, which is new and the model is static static analysis of source code. Which means that in JavaScript case it can be approximate and doesn't have to be right in the runtime.

All features use the model for obtaining information. They should be independent on the parser result as was in the previous support.

Semantic Coloring

The new support colors more information in source code. You can compare from the pictures below.

Coloring in the current JavaScript editor support Coloring in old editor support

Coloring in the new JavaScritp editor support Coloring in new editor support

One of the big change is that the by default the green color is not used for the global objects, but for object properties. It should be more aligned with other languages, where the green color is used for marking class members. The new JS support use for coloring global object violet color.

You can also noticed that the name of an object definition is also in bold. If there are used reserved words as names of objects/method/properties (they have to be in quotes), then they are colored as well.


The new support is able to analyse more levels of objects as you can see from the picture below.

Navigator in the current/old JavaScript support File:NavigatorOld.png

Navigator in the new JavaScript Support File:NavigatorNeW.png

The navigator in the new JavaScript support is able to display more information about the JS source than the previous one.

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