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Mini NetCAT for redesigned Profiler in NetBeans 8.1


Due to the fact that profiling features in NetBeans IDE are used in other products and the support went through an user interface redesign recently it is important to have this core functionality tested as early as possible. That's former NetCAT 8.0 team was asked for help. This page contains all relevant information about this testing initiative.


ID Name Expertise Team Bugs/RFEs filed
1 Michal Konrad Owsiak Unknown B [michal.owsiak]
2 Alied Pérez Martínez Seasoned A [alied]
3 John McDonnell Novice C [satory]
4 James Hamilton Novice B [wjdhamilton]
5 Giuseppe Tino Novice C [-Silver-]
6 Hermien Pellissier Unknown B [mienamoo]
7 Angelo Quaglia Seasoned A [aquaglia]
8 Scott Palmer Unknown A [swpalmer]
9 Emmanuel Hugonnet Unknown A [ehsavoie]
10 Nigel Broadhead Novice C [nigel]
11 Eric Barboni Novice B [skygo]
12 Luca Mambretti Novice A [IrianR]
13 Marek Cendrowicz Novice C [stwr]
14 Richard Kolb Novice B [rjdkolb]
15 Kent Grundström Unknown C [Chiana]
16 Cezariusz Marek Novice A [cezariusz]
17 Supun Liyanage User B [supunliyanage]
18 Yonathan W'Gebriel Novice C [ytn01]
19 Ahmad Hosny Novice B [thruminds]


The testing must not be too detailed as we need feedback within 1-2 weeks but by April 18th at the latest. Every volunteer was assigned to a certain team. Everyone should download the latest development build of the NetBeans IDE and then with the help of Profiler 8.1 Redesign FAQs test the profiling features according to the following assignment:

Team A

Volunteers from team A should use their own projects and with the redesigned NetBeans Profiler try to identify potential performance issues.

Team B

Volunteers from team B should use BrainTeaser sample project and with the redesigned NetBeans Profiler try to identify potential slowness and its cause.

Team C

Volunteers from team C should use MemoryLeakOrNot? sample project and with the redesigned NetBeans Profiler try to identify potential memory leaks.

Identified problems

Once every participant finishes her/his testing, s/he is required to summarize and record her/his findings into the following table:

Priority Issue Short summary Evaluation
P2 #123456 Example of Profiler bug #1
P3 #123456 Example of Profiler bug #2
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