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|  Base IDE  
|  Base IDE  
|  Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht)  
|  Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht)  
| core.browser.xulrunner,, core.browser.xulrunner.linux, core.browser.xulrunner.macosx, core.browser.xulrunner.solaris
| [ link]
|  Beta
|  Beta
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|  Web  
|  Web  
|  Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht)  
|  Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht)  
|  [ link]
|  [ link]

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NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center

This document lists all plugins that should be considered for the Plugin Portal Update Center. Also available is the list for the Stable Update Center for NetBeans 7.0 and the list of no longer developed plugins.

Name Description Category Owner Sources PP URL 7.0 Status 6.9 Status
Plugins owned by Oracle employees
Embedded Mozilla Browser for Windows Base IDE Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht) core.browser.xulrunner,, core.browser.xulrunner.linux, core.browser.xulrunner.macosx, core.browser.xulrunner.solaris link Beta
Web Preview for Windows Web Stanislav Aubrecht (saubrecht) webpreview link Beta
Automatic Projects Project type which automatically detects all configuration. Java Jesse Glick (jglick) contrib/autoproject.* link PP UC Beta & PP UC
Freeform Project Extras Tools, technical docs, templates, and samples for freeform (Ant-based) projects. Java Jesse Glick (jglick) contrib/ant.freeform.samples link PP UC Beta/PP UC
Module Manager A tool for management of individual NetBeans modules Developing NetBeans Jiri Rechtacek (jrechtacek) contrib/modulemanager link pending Beta
Selenium for Ant, Maven, PHP Selenium testing framework for web applications Tools TBD (was Jindrich Sedek) contrib/selenium
not ready yet Beta
Git Integration of Git version control system functionality Versioning Ondra Vrabec (ovrabec) git, libs.git link Not available
ClearCase Integration of ClearCase version control system functionality Versioning Tomas Stupka (tstupka) Beta
PHP Smarty Framework Creation and work with SMARTY templates PHP Martin Fousek (marfous) contrib/php.smarty link Beta
Maven Test Coverage Provides Cobertura integration GUI for Maven projects. Java Jesse Glick (jglick) maven.coverage link PP UC Not available
WADL Designer* in the main repository? Web Services Denis Anisimov (ads) Beta
Tomcat 5.0 Provides Tomcat 5.0 integration. Java EE Petr Hejl (phejl) Not available
Show and change line endings Shows the line endings of the currently edited file and allows to change them. Editing Jan Lahoda (jlahoda)
Gdbserver Allows to attach to gdbserver from the IDE C/C++ Egor Ushakov (gorrus) contrib/cnd.debugger.gdbserver link Not available
Quick File Chooser Replaces regular Swing file chooser with a keyboard-oriented version. Infrastructure Jesse Glick (jglick) contrib/quickfilechooser link PP UC PP UC
Plugins owned by non-Oracle contributors (which were present on update center for 6.9)
GWT4NB Support of Google Web Toolkit framework in NetBeans IDE Frameworks Tim Lebedkov (lebedkov) Beta
Python Support for developing Python applications in NetBeans Web Beta
Jindent Powerful source code formatter for Java Tools Tobias Andree (TAndree {at} jindent {dot} com) 3rd party
IvyBeans Full Apache Ivy integration into NetBeans library management Tools Laurent Forêt (contact {at} laurentforet {dot} org) 3rd party
Cucumber Features Languages Support Roland Guem (rguem) Beta
Echo2 Support Web Beta
Ada Ada PP UC
Polite NetBeans Base IDE PP UC
confirm.exit Base IDE PP UC
PigShot Capture PP UC
XSLT Debugger Debugging PP UC
LessCSS Module Editing PP UC
Scss Editor Editing PP UC
Copy and Paste History Editing PP UC
AutoSave Module Editing PP UC
NetBeans Media Player Entertainment PP UC
Zigc Game PP UC
EasyPmd Java PP UC
Click Framework Support Java Web and EE PP UC
Velocity Editor Support Languages Support PP UC
Java SQL Generator Tools PP UC
PDFViewer Tools PP UC
Text Popup Menu Tools PP UC
NetBeans Signer Tools PP UC
JRebel Debugging ZeroTurnaround PP UC

Status: Planned/Live

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