How To Build the Plugin for PHP in the NetBeans Trunk

The main goal of this page is defining the optimal set of actions a developer has to take to create an appropriate environment for developing the Plugin for PHP.

Note: These instructions are updated sporadically as the build infrastructure is enhanced. See also these NB instructions.


Get Basic Tools

  1. Install Java SE 5 update 6 or later -> and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable
  2. Install ANT 1.7.0 --> Recommended options for the ANT_OPTS environment variable: -Xmx512m
  3. Install CVS client --> for Windows --> versions 1.11.17 - 1.11.22
  4. Put java, ant, and cvs in your path

Access to the CVS Server

  • Define the CVSROOT environment variable:


the actual user name that can be either your NetBeans account user id or 'anoncvs'
  • Login to the CVS Server
cvs -d $CVSROOT login

Checkout Source & Build

cvs co nbbuild
echo cluster.config=php>> nbbuild/
ant -l ant.checkout.log -f nbbuild/build.xml checkout
ant -l -f nbbuild/build.xml


the path to your local working directory, e.g. 'C:\NB.PluginForPHP' on the Windows host

Trouble Shooting Tips

  • It is preferable to check out in an empty dir. Updating an old repository often leads to multiple errors while building the sources.
  • If you are periodically getting the following error while checking out:
cvs [CheckoutAborted]: cannot rename file CVS/Entries.Backup to CVS/Entries: Permission denied

The most likely reason for this error to occur is that the antivirus software worked in the real time file protection mode (examples of software that may cause such errors are Symantec AntiVirus and TortoiseSVN Client)

  • If the last version of CVS hangs while executing the 'login' command, use an older version (1.11.9 for example)
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