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InlineTable test

Table name is mandatory! Template: template1
<inlinetable definetemplate="template1" sort="first_name DESC" condition="" enable="yes" insertable="yes" deleteable="yes" displayrowindex="yes" styleclass="" style="" ><column tablefield="first_name" caption="First Name" widget="text"  />
  <column tablefield="last_name" caption="Last Name" widget="text" />
  <column tablefield="age" caption="Age" widget="text" />
  <column tablefield="height" caption="Height(m)" widget="text" digits="2" />
  <column tablefield="birthday" caption="Birthday" widget="date"  />
  <column tablefield="register_date" caption="Register Date" widget="datetime"  />
  <column tablefield="sex" caption="Sex" widget="select" options="M:Male,F:Female"  />
  <column tablefield="online" caption="Online" widget="checkbox" />
  <column tablefield="remark" caption="Remark" widget="textarea" /> 
  <column name="crt_dt" tablefield="__crt_dt" caption="Create Date" widget="label" />
  <column name="crt_usr" tablefield="__crt_usr" caption="Create User" styleclass="" style="color:red;" /></inlinetable>
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