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This page is for all NetBeans users who would like to deliver support for a new PHP framework to the NetBeans IDE.

This page should hopefully provide all the information one would need in order to start working on his/her own support for his/her favorite PHP framework in NetBeans. There are 2 possibilities where to setup your project: 1) NetBeans contrib repository or 2) somewhere else (Kenai, Google Code - nbgit is one example, Launchpad, Source Forge etc.).

Probably a better choice would be number 2). Why? Because with 1) you won't get any web page, rss, you would need to keep your project always compilable and so on. Contrib repository is meant for modules that could be part of NetBeans standard distribution (but this could happen even if your project is hosted somewhere else, if it is good enough we can cooperate and integrate it into NetBeans if you and we would be happy with it).

So, and how to start? Well, you will need to know something about NetBeans itself and how to develop a plugin for it - have a look at our NB Developer FAQ. Here you should be able to find any relevant information but of course, let us know ( if anything is not clear to you or simply if it seems to be complicated, for example. Of course, is a good source of different tutorials as well. Please notice that it is not necessary to read all the FAQ - it is just source of answers for possible questions. The same applies for - one or two tutorials how to develop a plugin for NetBeans could be enough.

Let's move to the framework support itself - in fact, you will be working on another PHP framework support. If you get NetBeans sources (preferably using Mercurial, don't be surprised, NetBeans is quite huge project), you can have a look at module php.symfony or php.zend (they are very similar); you will find out that the common part of framework support is in php.api.phpmodule module - and you are going to depend on it. Currently, this module has no public API but it's not a problem - you can add an implementation dependency for now (public API is on our TODO list but it is no problem). Then, in NetBeans, you can create a new module (preferably php.<framework>) and inspect what NetBeans generated for you, compare layer.xml files etc. Of course, if there's something missing in the php.api.phpmodule module (this can easily happen), let us know ( and we can discuss it. The last hint is how to build NetBeans (just PHP build will be fine, the build time will be much shorter):

ant -Dcluster.config=php build-nozip

The build will appear in nbbuild/netbeans/.

This should be enough for the beginning, good luck!

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