Permanent UI test specification testing


The user interface of the NetBeans IDE is quite complicated. The layout, menus etc. were defined by xDesing team. All changes have to go through UIReviewProcess. The check of the menus, toolbars, new project wizard, new file wizard can be automated to ensure that the IDE is in following the UI specification


Create automated tests that will check that the UI of IDE


The layout of menus, toolbars, wizards, windows will be described in plain ascii to allow easy parsing of the document by the tests. The tests have to use the latest UI specification. To achhieve it we can

  1. parse the UI spec directly from wiki
    1. + for HIE
    2. - cannot be used for testing when the test enviroment is offline
  2. have the UI spec in Hg repository
    1. + will work even offline
    2. - more wok for xDesign when writing the spec -> not true 1, divide spec to small files 2, include the files into wiki page

Where the tests will be stored

  • test classes - ide.kit\test\qa-functional\src\org\netbeans\test\permanentUI\
  • txt with the ui specs - ide.kit\test\qa-functional\src\org\netbeans\test\permanentUI\data
  • provide descriptive name for the txt file (e.g. mainmenu-file.txt, newproject-categories.txt, submenu-view_toolbars.txt)

Tested areas

126113 - Permanent UI tests for Main menu

Menu description

  • current state
  • Main menu
| File |                   F (mnemonics)
New Project...             w
New File...                N
Open Project...            e
Open Recent Project    >   j
  • Submenu
Project Group          > (o) (none)
                         ( ) MyProjectGroup
                             New Group...      N

  • (o) and ( ) symbols represent radio button menu items (selected and empty)
  • [[X | x]]
    and {[ ]} symbols represent check box menu items (selected and empty)
  • main menu item is in "|"
  • menu item + > marks a submenu
  • mnemonic is at least 3 spaces from menu item or sub menu mark
  • ===== marks separator
  • separator after main menu item should be ignored
  • We need !
  • a way how to recognize where submenu belongs -> 1, should submenus be a part of main menu 2, or separate files?

126116 - Permanent UI tests for New Project Wizard


1 Tests for ordered list of all project categories 1 Tests for List of project types in a category

  • It is plain text. Category or project type per line.

126114 - Permanent UI tests for New File Wizard

  • let focus just on Project Specific Categories for now


126115 - Permanent UI tests for Project Contextual Menus


  • the same rules as for main menu description


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