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PHP tasks for NetBeans 6.9

This document contains a list of task, which are needed to improve PHP support in NetBeans 6.9.


PHP Editor

ID [Priority] Task Description Details Link
1.0 [P2] Configuration for coding standards

Support for configurable coding standards. If we want to spread NetBeans into corporate sphere,then the codding style has to be configurable not to block Continuous Integration

Each configuration should be defined in separate configuration file. There should be possible to add its own coding standard whereas a few predefined standards(how to write PHP code) should be delivered with Netbeans PHP. These predefined configurations could be taken from PHP Code Sniffer(called: MySource, PEAR, PHPCS, Squiz and Zend), which seems to be de facto standards.
1.1 [P2] Formating/Indentation improvements

Formating/Indentation subject of complaints

make it configurable(see Configuration for coding standards) and Formating/Indentation both should adhere to same formatting rules.

1.2 [P3] Code generation improvements

Support for configurable coding standards should affect all parts of NB PHP editor that somehow modifies/generates code.

  • make configurable behavior (see Configuration for coding standards) of: hints && fixes, templates, code generators
  • add additional individual hints checking code style or include PHP Code Sniffer integration

PHP Frameworks

Priority Task Description Link
P1 Zend framework support, one of the most used PHP framework these days. BZ, 108 votes
P1 CakePHP framework support, one of the most used PHP framework these days. BZ, 135 votes
P1 Major editor improvements, mainly code completion (complete variables passed from controllers to views).

PHP Debugger

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