PHP Development Plan for NetBeans 8.0

Version: 0.1 - draft

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This document is a collection of ideas that should be done in NetBeans PHP support area during NetBeans 8.0 time frame. Probably not every feature, item will be done, but it's mentioned to track it for next releases.


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Support for PHP 5.5 finally(), etc. DONE
P2 Hints for PSR-0 and PSR-1 standards DONE
P3 Enable external documentation button in CC window After changes in CSL DONE
P3 Add init field suggestion For unused constructor parameters. DONE
P3 Hint to check the number of return statements in a function declaration It's a good practise to don't have too much places where "return" is used. Should be configurable. Mostly a code with just one return statement is more readable. It forces users to write as short methods as it's possible. DONE
P3 Hint to check wrong param names It would be useful to check whether the @param var name is the same as the name used in function/method declaration. DONE
P3 Improve formatting options to have some "predefined" (standard - e.g. PSR-2, Nette, Zend, ...) values
P3 Refactoring of "types" handling. Add some abstraction, just strings are used everywhere. It's very uncomfortable.
P3 Use new Type Hierarchy window In NB 7.3, new Type Hierarchy window has been added. Use it for PHP as well, likely cooperation with the Editor team will be needed.
P3 Hint to check the return type of overridden method If parent something returns, child must return something as well.
P4 Improve sanitization of the code Many ide features are based on the parser result (AST tree). Unfortunately the code in editor is the bulk of time broken, and the AST can not be build around the parser error. There is already used way to sanitized the code (correct virtually the code) that provides better ASTs. There can be added other cases to improve it.
P4 Try to rewrite index to support camel case CC and search via wildcards (regexps) It could remove the need of filtering which is applied almost after index touch (at least a bit)


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Add some new refactoring I.e. extract method, ...


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Enable external documentation button in CC window After changes in CSL. DONE
P3 Reindenting of Twig files


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Enable external documentation button in CC window After changes in CSL. DONE
P3 Add hints E.g. control vs widget. DONE
P3 Add completion for declared controls in corresponding Presenter Check createComponent... methods. DONE
P3 Add documentation to n:tags In latte templates.
P3 Braces matching Paired macros.


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Generate inject methods Maybe somehow cooperate with neon.config and services.


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Code completion of class methods Now just classes (types) are supported. DONE
P3 Code completion contexts To don't offer everything everywhere.


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Regenerate PHP runtime signature files Provide new signature files for binary libraries. DONE
P2 Create new project wizard should support Composer User selects packages from UI and project is created with these packages. DONE
P2 More Test roots Allow to have more Test roots. DONE
P3 Remote synchronization for directories. DONE
P3 Includes/excludes for remote file transfer.
P3 Private Include Path For project, private Include Path should be allowed to be set. DONE
P3 Use SSH agent For SFTP, running SSH agent could be used to avoid providing password. DONE
P3 Phar Provide basic Phar support.

Frameworks & Tools

Priority Task Notes Status
P2 Static code analysis Add support for more tools (PHP-CS Fixer, ...) DONE
P2 Nette Tester Add support for Nette Tester DONE
P3 Static code analysis Support for per project settings.
P3 PhpDocumentor2 support? Evaluate PhpDocumentor2.


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Zend Debugger support issue #168275 (50 votes)


Priority Task Notes Status
P2 PHP Samples Add PHP sample for Symfony2, ZF2 and Nette frameworks.
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