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PHP Development Plan for NetBeans 7.4

Version: 0.1 - draft

Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap or the NetBeans Release Planning wiki.

This document is a collection of ideas that should be done in NetBeans PHP support area during NetBeans 7.4 time frame. Probably not every feature, item will be done, but it's mentioned to track it for next releases.


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Allow "self", "static" and "this" in @return annotation It's widely used pattern to use "static" for factories and such. See and DONE
P3 Generation of getters and setters for static fields DONE
P3 Show relative path to project root in search results DONE
P3 Hint to detect depth of nested blocks Too many nested blocks is a bad practise, one should extract a method instead. DONE
P3 Hint to detect eunreachable statements As is in Java. Code after some statements is never invoked (return, break, continue, throw, ...). DONE
P3 Hint to detect empty statements As is in Java. Just one semicolon is useless. DONE
P3 Hint to detect direct use od superglobal arrays Noone should access them directly, just through some filtering function. DONE
P3 Hint conditions should use brackets As is in Java. DONE
P4 Improve handling of long strings When there is pressed ENTER key inside a string, then the string should be concatenated like in Java editor. DONE
P4 Different coloring of single/multi lines comments DONE
P3 Hint to check whether current use of "@" is proper "At" sign suppresses warnings and errors and it's a bad practise to use it. DONE
P3 Make hints "caret sensitive" All hints should check if a "problem is on current line" because user can change Hint to Suggestion (by changing severity to WARNING_ON_CURRENT_LINE) - DONE
P3 Hint to check the number of line in a method (class, iface, trait?) declaration Users should use short methods. Should be configurable. DONE
P3 Hint to check the closing PHP delimiter at the end of file It's useless there. It's just a source of lot of "Headers already sent" errors. DONE
P3 Support for deprecated elements (strike-through element names) As is in Java (declarations, invocations, navigator, index). DONE
P3 Use new Type Hierarchy window In NB 7.3, new Type Hierarchy window has been added. Use it for PHP as well, likely cooperation with the Editor team will be needed.
P3 Hint to check the number of return statements in a function declaration It's a good practise to don't have too much places where "return" is used. Should be configurable. Mostly a code with just one return statement is more readable. It forces users to write as short methods as it's possible.
P4 Improve sanitizetion of the code Many ide features are based on the parser result (AST tree). Unfortunately the code in editor is the bulk of time broken, and the AST can not be build around the parser error. There is already used way to sanitized the code (correct virtually the code) that provides better ASTs. There can be added other cases to improve it.


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Add some new refactoring I.e. extract method, ...
P3 Rename refactoring improvement If renaming a class add a possibility to rename its declaration file as well. DONE
P3 Refactoring trees (elements visible in UI) DONE


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Toggle Comment Enable action.
P3 Braces matching As it works in Smarty. If-else statements and such should be highlighted. DONE

Apache Conf

Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Toggle Comment Enable action. DONE


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Toggle Comment Enable action. DONE


Priority Task Notes Status
P3 Toggle Comment Enable action. DONE


Priority Task Notes Status
P1 Regenerate PHP runtime signature files Provide new signature files for binary libraries.
P1 Easel integration DONE
P2 Customizer for JS libraries DONE
P2 Evaluate remote FS Project development directly on the remote drive.
P3 Allow to provide namespace for new PHP classes. DONE
P3 Run Focused Test Allow user to run just focused test (same as in Java). DONE
P3 More Test roots Allow to have more Test roots. Likely not possible for Source roots (due to (S)FTP support - which Source root(s) should be downloaded/uploaded?)
P3 Phar Provide basic Phar support.
P3 Remote synchronization for directories.
P3 Includes/excludes for remote file transfer.
P4 UI for PHP turn on/off signature files Provide ui, which allows to exclude and add the signature files from include path.
P4 Signature files generator Create new and more maintainable signature files generator.

Frameworks & Tools

Priority Task Notes Status
P2 Improve existing support Try to improve existing support, especially the editor part. Huge changes/improvements in the PHP editor area are needed.
P2 ZF2 support Support Zend Framework 2. DONE
P2 Support for more Testing frameworks Add TestingFrameworkProvider and implement it for PHPUnit. DONE
P2 Composer improvements E.g. UI for searching. DONE
P2 Static code analysis Support for code inspection (code sniffer, mess detector).
P3 Continuous results for PHPUnit Support for TAP format or --printer parameter. TAP format seems unusable
P3 PhpDocumentor2 support? Evaluate PhpDocumentor2, currently, in Alpha version.


Priority Task Notes Status
P2 Zend Debugger support issue #168275 (49 votes)
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