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Java Platform Module System Support

NetBeans 9 supports JPMS (Jigsaw) to full extent. Standard NetBeans Java SE Project (Ant) can be a single JDK9 module simply by adding into default package.

File:Add_module-info.png supports code completion,...


Full Edit - Compile - Debug and Profile cycle is supported.

Java SE Project allows to develop and store JUnit tests:

  1. inside same module. In this case no changes to develop and execute tests are needed in main
  2. in its own JUnit JDK9 module (own In this case main exports the tested packages and tests module-info. java requires application module and JUnit...

The picture below shows the structure of JavaSE projects with JUnit tests in same module and with own module:


New project called Java Modular project was added. This allows to develop several JDK9 modules in one NetBeans project (Ant based).


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