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JavaScript Frameworks


Added support for Knockout 3.2.0.

  • New bindings in code completion for data-bind
    • component
    • textInput
  • Updated model for code completion
    • Includes e.g., pureComputed observables
  • Support for Knockout custom components

Code completion for Knockout custom components

Custom HTML elements registered in Knockout JavaScript file using ko.components.register function

image:Ko32 01.jpg

Code completion for component binding

image:Ko32 03.jpg

image:Ko32 05.jpg

image:Ko32 04.jpg

Code completion for custom component's parameters

image:Ko32 cc params.png

image:Ko32 cc params2.png

Go to Declaration

Supports multiple source locations (e.g., component is registered in debug and minified JS files, both are present in the project)

image:Ko32 02.jpg


Added support for Angular 1.2 and 1.3

  • Editor support and CC improvements
    • "Controller As"
    • One-time binding expressions
    • Tracking expressions "track by" in ng-repeat
    • Alias expressions "as" in ng-repeat
    • ModelOptions directive

Web Application Inspection

Shadow DOM Support

  • Shadow DOM nodes are shown in Browser DOM view
  • Elements of shadow DOM can be selected/inspected in Chrome browser
  • Styling information for shadow DOM nodes is shown in CSS Styles view


DOM Breakpoints

DOM breakpoints are visualized in Browser DOM view (elements with a breakpoint are marked by a breakpoint badge).


JavaScript Debugging

Conditional Breakpoints

It is possible to specify condition on a JavaScript breakpoint. The breakpoint is hit when the condition evaluates to true.


Node.js Support

Support for Node.js has been added. This includes:

  • Configuration of the Node.js executable


  • New project wizard


  • Project problems detection


  • Running JS files via Node.js


  • Project specific configuration of Node.js


  • Configuration of start file


  • Node.js project can have Site Root (its own frontend part)


  • In this case, browser can be opened on project run


  • Synchronization of changes between project and its package.json (project name, start file)


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