NewAndNoteworthyNB71 QE Coverage

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Features Responsible Coverage (list of updated TS, link to hudson job, ...) Status
Java Editor
Inspect And Refactor Jirka Prox
New Refactorings Tomas Tokoly
New Replace Bar Jirka Prox
Improvements (Find Usages, Change Method Parameters, Rename) Tomas Tokoly
Improvements (Javadoc Highlighting and Formatting, Hints, Transferring Types Through Copy&Paste, Organize Imports Hint, Double/Triple Click Selection Improvements) Jirka Prox Update Formatting test specification In progress
Rectangular Block Selection Jirka Prox
JavaFX 2 Support
FXML Stepan
CSS3 support Lada TS_60_CSSeditor#Test_suite:_.22CSS3_support.22 Done
Preloaders Stepan
Project Features (Run, Deployment, Packaging) Stepan
GUI Builder
Gap Support in GridBagLayout Customizer Adam TS_71_gridbagcustomizer, (
GridBagLayout Customizer Enhancements Adam TS_71_gridbagcustomizer, (
Java EE
GlassFish Jirka Skrivanek TS_71_GlassFish#Test_suite:_GlassFish_Cluster Done
Web Services Jirka Skrivanek
CDI Jirka Skrivanek
JavaServer Faces Michal Strnad TS_71_JSF_Support#Test_suite:_Create_web_application_with_JSF_Support_components Done
Spring Vladimir Riha TS_61_SpringSupport#Test_suite:_Code_completion 2nd part Done
EJB Jirka Skrivanek TS_71_EJB#Test_suite:_Timer_Session_Bean Done
JPA Jirka Skrivanek
WebLogic Jirka Skrivanek TS_71_WebLogic Done
(S)FTP client Lada TS_69_PHP_Test_FTP_Support#Test_suite:_FTP_over_TLS.2FSSL Done
Debugger improvements Lada TS_69_PHP_Test_Debugging#Test_suite:_Debugging_options Done
PHPUnit Lada TS_69_PHP_Miscellaneous#Test_suite:_PHPUnit Done
Editor Lada TS_69_PHP_Code_Completion#Test_suite:_Code_Completion - sections 18-20 Done
Frameworks Lada TS_71_PHP_Smarty Done
Support for CSS3 Lada TS_60_CSSeditor#Test_suite:_.22CSS3_support.22 Done
Code Completion Lada TS_60_CSSeditor#Test_suite:_.22CSS3_support.22 Done
Vendor specific properties Lada TS_60_CSSeditor#Test_suite:_.22CSS3_support.22 Done
Code navigator Lada TS_60_CSSeditor#Test_suite:_.22CSS3_support.22 Done
Extensibility of css.editor module Lada  ?
--open-group, --close-group Adam Done
Find Usages Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Functional_tests done
Generated test sources Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Functional_tests done
Code completion Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Edit_pom.xml_file done
Merged JAR handling Tomas Musil TBD TBD
Missing dependencies Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Maven_projects done
Repository management Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Maven_repository_browser done
Loading settings.xml Tomas Musil TS_71_Maven#Test_suite:_Misc_tests done
Miscellaneous Tomas Musil
Code completion Adam TS_61_Ant#Test_suite:_Code_completion Done
Test Results window integration Tomas Musil
Task List Tomas Musil
Authentication Tomas Musil
Git support Tomas Musil
Shelve Changes Stepan Zebra
VCS SPI Stepan Zebra
Git Support Finalized Stepan
Subversion (Lock Feature) Stepan Zebra
Mercurial (Redesigned Changeset Picker Dialogs, Branching/Tagging) Stepan Zebra
Local History (Revert Deleted, History Tab) Michal Strnad TS 71 LocalHistory Done
Issue Tracking
Issue Views Michal Strnad TS_71_CDevBugtracking#Test_suite:_Operations_in_Issue_Views Done
Bugzilla Michal Strnad TS_71_CDevBugtracking#Test_suite:_Bugzilla_features In progress
Platform & NetBeans Module Development
Separate cache directory Tomas Musil
Window System Tomas Musil
Ant-based Apps Tomas Musil
Maven-based Apps Tomas Musil
XML Layer Tomas Musil
Templates Tomas Musil
Window Wizard Tomas Musil
Visual Debugger
Visual Debugger Jirka Kovalsky
Compare Heap Dumps Petr C. Profiler TS done
Sampled Profiling Petr C. Profiler TS in progress
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